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Fall back in love with your hair

We are proud to offer a variety of extensions custom suited to you and your hair type. Korina is master certified in Bellami extension methods and continues to further her education with avdanced extension courses. She has worked with several brands and believes that some perform better than others for certain results, so rest assured- she will always give you her expert opinion and discuss options!

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 Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I have to come in?

Hair Extension move-ups are recommended to be done about every 5-6 weeks. Remove and reinstalls are recommended every 6-8 weeks. This will maintain the integrity of your natural hair during the grow out process & will prevent breakage.

How much will my extensions cost?

Price varies depending on desired look and the length of the extensions. Shorter hair is less expensive than longer, and volume installs are less expensive than full head for length and volume. After you fill out your digital consult, we will have you schedule an in salon consult to color match your hair and can give you an accurate cost.

How long does the hair last?

Hair extensions will last you from 9-12 months with proper at-home care. We will provide you a routine, and give you product recommendations to purchase in salon. Your home care coupled with how often you wash your hair will determine how long the hair lasts, but we can almost guarantee 9 months.

How do I know which method to choose?

This depends on the look you're going for, the density/color/texture of your hair, and your budget. Once we know all of these factors, we can give you our educated opinion. Begin the process by heading over to our Virtual Consultation up above!

Why should I get hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a great way to add volume, length and color dimension. If you have thinner hair and just want more body but not length, opt for one row of hand-tied or tape-ins at the same length of your current hair. If you feel like your hair just plateaus and won't grow past a certain length, extensions are a great option for you to have hair you've always wanted. If you don't want to damage your hair with color/lightener, multidimensional extensions or layering two colors is a great option to give you a different look. Extensions are an investment, but we promise they are worth it & we will help you all along the way!

Who offers hair extension services?

Korina offers all extension services.

Your Custom Install

We will choose which method is best for you during your consultation

  • Custom color match-up

  • Available in 14"-22"

  • Cut and blended to fall naturally with your hair​

  • At-home maintenance & styling lessons

  • At-home care instructions

  • Maintenance 6-8 weeks (k-tips is ~3-6 mo)

  • Extensions will last 9-12 months (longevity depends on how well you follow at-home care)

  • Initial appointment cost requires consultation and price depends on hair length, density, and application method

Available with Korina


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