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Empowering stylists to build their dream business on their own terms, and guiding new stylists from the ground up to further excel in their craft and build a clientele for life!

We are a mother-daughter run, multi-faceted salon. From behind the chair skills all the way to business skills, we have a lot to offer. Style Salon Stylists are a combination of booth renters and commission based stylists. Our mission is to provide a salon and culture that fits your lifestyle while earning an income you're proud of.


Your Schedule

We primarily offer full time employment only, however, part time can be discussed. All of our stylists and estheticians work an average of 4 days a week, but we do offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your personal life.


We are very easy going in this department as long as our leniency is not taken advantage of. Full time commission stylists are required to work 4-5 days a week, but can earn a part-time schedule based on performance. Part time commission stylists is a little more lenient as we likely split your chair with another part time stylist (Ex: Stylist #1 works Tues & Thurs, and Stylist #2 works Wed and Fri).

Booth renters will pay rent weekly based on their scheduled days. All booth renters will be contracted for a min of 3 days.

Our Team

Our salon is run by Paula, owner, and Korina, manager. They are mother and daughter, yin and yang, teacher and student, teammate and teammate. They are business women, family women, and friends, and that is what they bring into the salon. Professionalism, care for their staff, and a down-to-earth bond with staff and clientele.


We pride ourselves on our professionalism, strong work ethic, and a lot of fun along the way. We have stylists who have been doing hair for over 30 years who have lots of knowledge to share with our younger stylists, who then return the favor by keeping up with current trends. We all work very well together and have a great team atmosphere! 

Our Clients

Paula's vision when opening Style was to create an inclusive atmosphere that catered to the individual. A place that wasn't pretentious and everyone would feel comfortable entering. She did just that, and without hesitation, we can say the same thing 26 years later. Our variety in stylists and their talents & specialties cater to every individual of your family. Mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, daughter, son, girlfriend, boyfriend, bride, groom, teens, 20-something, 30-something, etc. 

We make it an extra effort to greet every guest by first name. Our guests are offered a beverage upon entering, we immediately inform their stylist that they have arrived, and we follow proceeding steps to get them set up for their service. We make sure our clients feel pampered and taken care of from start to finish, and will leave feeling their best self.

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-Korina, Salon Manager

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