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We have been catering to the individual since 1997! 


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"The atmosphere is relaxed and lovely, the staff friendly, and stylists are so fabulous! I would never go anywhere else!

—  Bernadette A.

Here's what we do best...


The word on the street...

"Paula has been styling my hair for over 30 years, and I live in fear of her retiring! Strangers frequently stop me asking who does my hair. In fact, I keep a supply of STYLE business cards in my purse because I am so often asked, 'Who does your hair? It's beautiful!'

Style is a beautiful and comfortable salon. The staff is lovely, talented, and all make it a pleasure to be there."

Maureen Cormier

"Paula started cutting my hair when I was in first grade when I would have playdates with Korina. 20 years later, Korina made me feel absolutely beautiful on my wedding day. She styled my hair exactly how we talked about and how I pictured it to look. Even living an hour away from Style now, I love making the trip to  for cuts and color. Every experience at Style is better than the last!"

Keri Barry

"This salon to me is home. I thoroughly enjoy everything about coming to Style, from being greeted by Korina, to the ambiance, to purchasing crystals, receiving Reiki, and my regular hair services. Every time I visit, they exceed my expectations. It's truly such and experience and I am so happy to have found this family!"

Kelsey Krapf



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